Interested in improving flexibility, range of motion, recovery time, and having a reduced risk of injury?


Our mobility expertise will help you with:

Reducing & Eliminating Pain
Improving Performance
Range of Motion
Pain Management
Strength & Response
Pre-Habilitation & Rehabilitation
If you are preparing for surgery or recovering from an injury we can help support the process using our mobility expertise. It is our goal to help you move freely and with as little pain as possible. Our methods are based in science and have a proven track record.
Burn Process
Lack of mobility and flexibility will always be a hindrance to your fitness goals. We use a combination of Static, AIS, PNF, and Dynamic range of motion methods to solve your flexibility issues. We address any problem areas and craft programs to help you perform better.
AIS Expertise
Burn Personal Trainers are all practitioners of Active Isolated Stretch-the Aaron Mattes method. Self-stretch methods can be taught and/or assisted with our guidance and instruction. We maintain an active knowledge of the most advanced techniques to assist you.

Work with our team of dedicated and knowledgeable fitness professionals


“No pain, no pain! – An obvious and novel concept that is overlooked by many in the fitness industry.”
Jason Erickson, President - American Massage Therapy Association

About Burn Training

Burn Personal Training offers:
Custom Personal Training
Small Group Training
Seminars & Counseling
Fitness Assessments
AIS Stretching
Spotting Techniques
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