Is Sugar Addictive?
Food, particularly sugar, has been getting a lot of heat in the media for quite some time. Food companies are chastised for creating foods that cause diabetes, obesity, and my personal favorite, “diabesity”. Is this actually true? Have we become unwittingly addicted? Science says no. The widely held belief that the consumption of sugar leads
Bad Food
Father forgive me, for I have sinned. I went to Perkins for breakfast this morning. Hold on, it gets worse. Breakfast consisted of two breaded and fried chicken breasts topped with processed slices of American “cheese”, all of which was smothered in something they considered to be gravy and sandwiched between two biscuits. On the
Bigger, Stronger, or Faster
There are very few absolutes in the world of strength and conditioning. There are a million ways to get big and a million ways to get strong; anybody who claims to have the single best method for developing either is full of shit. Just about the only thing you can count on is that the
Bulletproof Resolutions
With 2015 right around the corner many people are gearing up to finally get in some other shape than round. For many this will be the latest in a long line of failed attempts, and many others will find the journey just as difficult, confusing, and frustrating. With the oversaturation of information available it’s important

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