Fitness Assessments


Burn Personal Training offers fitness assessments to determine your overall health & fitness.

We determine your general levels of capability and fitness:

Which will allow us to properly design a program of progression for you. We can use several structural balance methods to determine imbalances in upper and lower body musculature. Based on our analysis we are able to help correct these deviations over time.

Fitness Assessments include

Body Fat Analysis
Movement Assessment
Postural Assessment
Body Fat PercentageSite by site breakdown of your fat percentage
Height - Weight - Girth measurementsExactly what it says it is
Movement AssessmentMajor Compound movement Squat, Deadlift, Push-Press, patterns
Remedial Motion, shoulder, knees, hip, isolated joints movements.
Postural AssessmentHow your posture affects function and performance
Lean Mass Analysis

Work with our team of NSCA-CPT Professional Certified Trainers

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”
Karl Pearson, Biometrician - University College London

About Burn Training

Burn Personal Training offers:
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Fitness Assessments
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