Individualized Programming
Our methods are scientific, not dogmatic. Our coaches have years of experience with various strength and conditioning methods. After initial assessment we build your program based on your individual needs and goals. Using resistance training methodologies we craft programs for weight or fat loss, strength gain, athletic performance, hypertrophy/size or some combination of all.
Nutritional guidance based on your goals
We break it down as simple as possible for clients, into a method that creates healthy lifestyle changes you can maintain and follow. It’s not about dieting, it’s about having the right nutrition in *your* diet. We emphasize the quality of food instead of obsessing about nutrient/calorie counting and make recommendations based on your unique requirements.
Flexibility and Mobility Development
Lack of mobility and flexibility will always be a hindrance to your fitness goals. We use a combination of Static, AIS, PNF, and Dynamic range of motion methods to solve your flexibility issues. We address any problem areas and craft programs to help you perform better.
Body Composition Assessment
We use 3, 7, or 12 site skin fold caliper readings to measure body fat. We log and analyze your results to determine problem areas and track your progress. We also perform biosignature assessment to help uncover possible hormone imbalances, to achieve greater fat loss ,and to get a better picture of what’s affecting your overall health and wellness.
Fitness Assessment
Fitness assessment is where we determine your general levels of capability and fitness, which will allow us to properly design a program of progression for you. We can use several structural balance methods to determine imbalances in upper and lower body musculature. Based on our analysis we are able to help correct these deviations over time.

About Burn Training

Burn Personal Training offers:
Custom Personal Training
Small Group Training
Seminars & Counseling
Fitness Assessments
AIS Stretching
Spotting Techniques
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